Semi-Truck Crashes in Oklahoma, Delays Experienced on I-35 and I-40

A semi-truck has crashed in Oklahoma creating delays on I-40 and I-44 according to a KOCO article from March 26th. In it they say:

“Emergency crews continue to clean up after a crash early Friday morning near I-40 and I-44 in Oklahoma City, and drivers are urged to find an alternate route.

According to Oklahoma Department of Transportation, as of 8:15 a.m. the westbound I-44 (runs south) off-ramp to eastbound I-40 (mm 120B) has reopened. The westbound I-40 off-ramp to westbound I-44 (mm 147A) remains closed through Friday morning due to ongoing cleanup of an earlier crash.”

This, after 250 and I-35 were closed for repairs a few days ago according to a Kfor article from March 24th. In it they say:

“Officials with the Oklahoma Department of Transportation say the eastbound I-240 ramp to northbound I-35 will be closed from 10 a.m. to 12 p.m. on Wednesday. Crews will be making drainage repairs in the area to address flooding on the ramp. Drivers are encouraged to use an alternate route during that time.”

These events may hamper your commute, or maybe they already have. Stay safe on the road and always check for traffic updates before leaving the house to avoid looking at your hone on the road.