New Statewide Camera Network To Catch Uninsured Drivers Coming to Oklahoma

                In a few months Oklahoma in partnership with Rekor Systems will be deploying a whole new system of cameras meant to catch uninsured drivers as part of the Uninsured Vehicle Enforcement Diversion Program (UVED). Tulsa World published an article on November 15th. In it they say: 

When a vehicle with Oklahoma plates passes one of the cameras, it’s checked against the state database of registered vehicles. Because proof of insurance must be shown when registering or renewing a tag, UVED will be able to identify which cars are being driven without it.”

            Fox 25 also wrote about the subject in an article published on November 15th about the costs attached to the program and also the cost of fines. In it they say: 

Officials say uninsured drivers will receive a letter in the mail offering to enroll them in a program that costs $174, which defers any legal action for two years. A citation for driving without insurance can cost up to $250 plus court costs.” 

             Insurance is important, especially for vehicles in a country where roadside accidents are common, so this program is beneficial in encouraging drivers to get their vehicles insured.