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Neurotoxin, the aesthetic industry’s favorite proven go-to treatment for curbing a wide variety of visual signs of aging.

Botox, Xeomin, and Dysport are medical grade botulinum toxins that is injected in safe amounts into the muscles under the skin that are responsible for fine lines such as crows feet and brow furrows. They work by blocking nerve impulses to the muscles, relaxing them so that the skin over them doesn’t wrinkle.

What are Neurotoxins?

Neurotoxins in an aesthetic application are a sterile, purified form of Botulinum toxin type A, which is a neurotoxic protein produced by Clostridium Botulinum bacteria. Medical professionals use it in minute concentrations for therapeutic purposes.

Facial lines and wrinkles generally fit into two categories: dynamic lines, and static lines. Dynamic lines and wrinkles are those which occur after years facial expressions which repeatedly casue “creasing” of the skin. Examples are frown lines, crows feet, forehead wrinkles and smile lines.

Static lines are caused more from a loss of collagen and elasticity in the skin. Examples of static lines are lines at the corners of mouth or across the cheeks.

Neurotoxins work best to reduce dynamic lines. After an injection, the muscles that contribute to the targeted lines and wrinkles slowly start to relax until they completely stop contracting. At that point, fine lines and mild wrinkles disappear, and the face looks younger and fresher.


Neurotoxin is one of the most effective non-invasive anti-aging medical treatments available today. If used as a preventive measure, it can significantly delay the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and other early signs of aging.

The injections are not painful, convenient, and superbly efficient at preventing the formation of wrinkles.

The effects of Botox tend to be seen within 7–10 days.

Botox is usually effective for three to four months, afterward it begins to lose its efficacy. Botox can be re-administered 3–4 times a year.

What Is an Injection Session Like?

Botox treatments are pleasant for patients. At Belle Ame, a Botox injection session normally lasts around 10–15 minutes. Our tech uses a fine needle to administer the product into the desired muscle. You may experience slight discomfort, similar to having blood drawn. The procedure is usually quite comfortable but if you desire, a topical numbing cream or ice can be applied to the area beforehand.

Is There Downtime?

No, injections don’t require any downtime. Patients are free to continue with their daily routine immediately after the session. Often, patients schedule their injections during a lunch break. We do not recommend exercising, using facial tools, getting a massage or napping post procedure.

What's The Difference? Xeomin, Dysport and Botox vs. Fillers

Although they are both injectables that reduce wrinkles, there is a stark difference between face filler and neurotoxin treatments. The former plumps the skin that has lost volume due to collagen depletion, aging, or weight loss. In contrast, neurotoxins address wrinkles that appear due to muscles creasing the skin. One doctor used the following analogy: Think of a table cloth that has been all folded up. When you unfold it, over time, many of the wrinkles in the fabric will relax out because the cloth is no longer being forced into a fold. For those creases that don’t, you have to also use an iron to flatten some of the wrinkles. The ironing is analogous to using fillers.

Both treatments work together. Many patients find that just a course of Xeomin, Dysport or Botox is enough for their desired result. Others benefit from adding fillers to appropriate areas. When you visit  Belle Âme, we’ll take the time to help you understand your options so that you can get the best result for your unique face and skin.

Neurotoxin Overview:

  • Best for smoothing dynamic wrinkles such as those in the brow
  • Reduces or eliminates forehead lines and frown lines
  • Reduces or eliminates "crowsfeet"
  • Lasts several months between treatments
  • Initial results visible same week of treatment in most cases

What Is Botox Used For?


Xeomin, Dysport and Botox  are powerful and non-invasive anti-aging tools that we use along with others to affect a more youthful appearance. Our neurotoxin treatments can work in tandem with other anti-aging  we work with you to customize treatments that can compliment each other such as laser resurfacing, fillers, and PDO Threadlift. Together, these treatments can improve both dynamic and static lines as well as take years off the appearance of the skin’s texture and tone.

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Frown Lines

Frown lines are the vertical lines that form on the lower part of the forehead between the eyebrows. They appear from excessive frowning and are, therefore, also referred to as worry lines. Typically, there are two or more parallel wrinkles that get more pronounced with age. They are also the first ones to become deep burrows and are especially unflattering as they give the face an angry look.

Forehead Wrinkles

The horizontal lines that form on the forehead are another by-product of facial expressions. The forehead is a prominent area of the face, so the wrinkles there are particularly noticeable. For many adults, these lines are often the first to appear in the aging process. This is true for both men and women.

Deep Furrows

Deep furrows are severe wrinkles that have become static. That means they are always visible on the face, whether there is any dynamic muscle movement or not. They occur with old age, dehydration, and fatty tissue loss in the deep layers of the skin, depletion of collagen and elastin fibers in the dermis, and gravity, which causes the skin to become lax and sag over time. Use of Xeomin, Dysport and Botox may be helpful in these areas depending on the individual. Our staff will be able to recommend whether or not neurotoxin is best in your particular case.

Crow's Feet

Crow’s feet are thec laugh lines on the outer edges of the eyes. They appear in clusters and spread toward the lateral parts of the face. Neurotoxin is typically the most effective treatment for reducing these.

Downturned Mouth

Neurotoxin treatments can be used to counteract the effects of facial features that cause a naturally downturned mouth. A downturned mouth is commonly not the result of aging, but rather from the pull caused by Depressor Anguli Oris muscles. For some individuals, these muscles exert enough downward pull that injections of neurotoxin can help “level” the mouth removing some of the frowning look to the face. Neurotoxin for downturned or frowning mouths are often combined with filler to reduce “marionette lines” or other lines around the mouth. The combination of neurotoxin with filler also tends to allow filler to last longer than if used on its own.


Bruxism is a term for excessive teeth grinding or clenching. That problem is frequently hard to control, as people can do it both when they are awake or asleep. Botox can paralyze the jaw muscles and render a person unable to grind their teeth.

Under Eye Bags

With age, the skin gradually loses its elasticity. As a result, it succumbs to the effects of gravity and starts to slide downward, crease, and sag. The area under the eyes is no exception. The tender skin there is the first to develop fine lines and wrinkles, and eventually form unflattering dark bags under the eyes. This is another area that, depending on the individual, may receive improved results in conjunction with a filler.

Neck Wrinkles

Neurotoxin can be appropriate for the lower jaw line and neck depending on the patient. Most commonly, patients want to reduce the appearance of Platysma muscles which are two vertical bands that can pull the skin on the neck down. Horizontal lines on the neck can also be improved with neurotoxin.


Hyperhidrosis is a condition in which the sweat glands become overactive and produce excessive sweat. That is particularly uncomfortable in the underarm area. Injections of Botox or Dysport help keep the condition under control.

Lip Flip

Neurotoxin can also be injected into the muscles surrounding the mouth. The goal is to relax them just enough to plump up the lips but keep the full mobility of the muscle.

Smokers' Lines

Smokers’ lines form around the mouth after years of excessive habitual smoking. They typically appear along the borders of the lips and are vertical, numerous, and pronounced.

Brow Lift

Age and gravity cause the skin to move downward affecting our eyes and brows, sometimes causing a droopy look. As the forehead and the brows start to droop, excess skin forms layers over the top eyelid. This creates a weary look on a person’s face. Neurotoxin can improve the droopy brows look and serve as a brow lift that plumps and smooths the skin around the eyebrows.

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