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Sciton’s SkinTyte/BBL (Broadband Light) treatment is one of the most exciting advancements in the world of cosmetic dermatology. SkinTyte by Sciton is a non-surgical, painless procedure, which uses infrared energy to heat soft tissues and stimulate coagulation (a process that changes circulating substances within the blood into an insoluble gel), causing collagen contraction. The result of the collagen contraction is the gradual firming and tightening of your skin, which helps reduce the appearance of fine lines, wrinkles, and sagging skin in all skin types. This skin tightening results in younger, healthier-looking skin with no downtime.

What is the SkinTyte Laser Treatment?

The SkinTyte laser is a skin tightening cosmetic procedure that utilizes advanced infrared technology to deeply heat the dermal layer of the skin. As the laser heats the soft tissues, it simultaneously protects the epidermis (top layer of the skin’s surface) with sapphire cooling contact to ensure maximum safety and comfort for the patient during the procedure. Rapid, gentle pulses of laser energy are delivered to the skin during the procedure, promoting the contraction and partial coagulation of collagen. The body’s natural healing process is also induced, allowing for new collagen to form and increasing the overall firmness of the skin. By encouraging new collagen production in the skin, the SkinTyte laser results in a complexion that is more youthful, tighter, and smoother in appearance.

How does Laser Skin Tightening Treat Sagging Skin?

The SkinTyte procedure is a laser skin tightening treatment that effectively treats sagging skin in various areas of the body. Popular areas include the face, neck, abdomen, knees, thighs, buttocks, and arms. The laser utilizes advanced infrared light technology to deeply heat dermal collagen and firm areas with loose or sagging skin. The heat applied to the dermal layer will trigger your body’s collagen to contract and coagulate. This deep heating starts the healing process and stimulates collagen production, tightening your skin immediately, with increased collagen production over the next several months.

In addition, it is also believed that the SkinTyte laser works to activate fibroblasts which are essential for generating connective tissue and allowing the skin to recover from injury. This contributes to improvement in texture and reduced appearance of wrinkles, fine lines, and minor scars. Aside from SkinTyte’s ability to improve sagging skin, the other benefit is that there is no downtime and minimal side effects. Some patients will experience minor redness and swelling after the procedure but it usually subsides within 30 minutes. This means that you can return to your normal activities immediately afterward.

Is SkinTyte Worth It?

Yes, absolutely! A study published in the Journal of Investigate Dermatology has illustrated that the SkinTyte/Sciton BroadBand Light (BBL) treatments can alter the expression of genes associated with the aging process to more closely resemble youthful skin. The study supports the hypothesis that some regulators of aging can be altered using BBL technology to provide a functional, rather than just a cosmetic change. The use of BBL for treating aging skin offers a set of unique benefits. For those who are seeking a non-invasive skin tightening treatment to improve the overall elasticity of the skin, the SkinTyte laser treatment is an excellent cosmetic option. Professional suggest SkinTyte treatments to their patients because it is a painless, safe, and effective treatment for all skin types and skin tones. Since there is no downtime involved, you may resume your regular activities immediately following treatment, and look forward to enjoying your skin rejuvenation for months.

Is SkinTyte Safe?

Yes! The SkinTyte laser is a safe and effective FDA-approved noninvasive treatment for skin tightening. It works well for all skin types and skin tones and will work to address mild skin laxity, fine lines, irregular pigmentation, and undesirable skin texture. There is no downtime and minimal to no side effects. Individuals who are pregnant, have an autoimmune disease, or have taken Accutane within the past six months are contraindicated and should not undergo a SkinTyte procedure.

Does SkinTyte Hurt?

No, the SkinTyte procedure is painless and does not require topical numbing as other cosmetic procedures do. SkinTyte uses advanced infrared light energy technology to deeply heat soft tissue and dermal collagen while continuously protecting the epidermis. It comes with sapphire contact cooling, which ensures maximum patient safety and an overall comfortable experience.

How Long is a SkinTyte Laser Appointment?

The total time required for performing a treatment with the SkinTyte laser will ultimately depend on the area of the body being treated. For the face and neck, treatment is typically completed within just half an hour. Since there is no downtime involved, you can return to your normal daily activities immediately following the completion of the BBL procedure.

Is SkinTyte Permanent?

No, the results of SkinTyte are not permanent and maintenance treatments are recommended at least every six months for consistently youthful skin. Most individuals will require three to five sessions for optimal results. You should notice subtle improvement in skin laxity immediately after your very first treatment and full results will be noticeable in a few months after your treatment series is completed, as your skin continues producing new collagen.

How Long do SkinTyte Results Last?

The results from the SkinTyte treatment can last for up to 12 months depending on your age, diet, alcohol, exercise, and skincare habits, including sun exposure. Hormone deficiencies, sun exposure, or smoking can all shorten how long the results from SkinTyte last and should be avoided. Professionals typically recommend a series of three to five treatments scheduled a month apart and maintenance appointments at least every six months for consistently youthful-looking skin.

Does SkinTyte Work on Arms?

Yes! SkinTyte does work on the arms. SkinTyte will deeply heat the dermal layer of the skin to improve skin laxity and stimulate collagen growth. It can be simultaneously used to treat multiple areas at once and can also be combined with CoolSculpting, EmSculpt, or Venus Legacy RF to get your desired result.

Does SkinTyte Work on the Neck?

Yes! The neck and face are the most popular treatment areas for the SkinTyte laser and one of the main reasons that patients choose BBL. The BBL is a popular option for neck rejuvenation due to its noninvasive nature and how easy and painless the procedure is. There are no side effects and zero recovery time. An alternative that can be used to tighten the skin on the neck is Venus Legacy RF.

Is There any Preparation Involved in Getting SkinTyte Laser Treatment?

There is no preparation required for treatment with the SkinTyte laser. Since the procedure is painless, no topical anesthetic is needed for the procedure. The only recommendation that we make to patients who are planning on having a SkinTyte laser treatment is that they avoid sun exposure for two to three weeks before the procedure. Patients should also not use any self-tanner for two to three weeks before. Sun protection in the form of a sunscreen with an SPF of 30 or higher are essential after the procedure to maintain your results and to prevent any photodamage that can damage your skin cells and accelerate skin aging.

Are There any Side Effects Associated with SkinTyte Laser Treatment?

In general, there are virtually no side effects associated with SkinTyte laser treatments and additionally, there is no recovery time involved. Most patients can resume their daily activities immediately after a session of SkinTyte laser treatment. Some patients may experience some mild redness in the treatment area immediately after the procedure is completed, though this typically resolves within one hour. There is no skin bruising or bleeding involved with this non-surgical skin tightening cosmetic procedure, which is in part why the SkinTyte laser treatments have become such a popular option for complete skin rejuvenation in the United States.

Where Can Skintyte Be Used?

  • Lower Face
  • Upper Face
  • Jowls
  • Neck
  • Chest
  • Backs of the Hands
  • Upper Arms
  • Abdomen
  • Buttocks
  • Above the Knees
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Does SkinTyte Work?

Yes! The SkinTyte laser (BBL) has been used with great success to correct signs of aging or damaged skin, including photo-aging, vascular and pigmented lesions, fine lines and wrinkles, skin laxity, erythema (redness), acne scars, and acne. Typically, professionals suggest patients have five BBL treatment sessions scheduled at one-month intervals to achieve the best cosmetic results. The full results from treatment are visible approximately four months after the final treatment is complete. To continue maintaining the best skin tightening results, we suggest maintenance treatments, scheduled every 3 to 6 months, depending on the degree of skin laxity.

Maintaining results is possible with future BBL treatments to continue delaying the signs of aging and to keep the skin looking firm, supple, and youthful. The SkinTyte laser truly works and the results speak for themselves when it comes to the BBL. According to a recent American Society for Dermatologic Surgery survey, nearly 1,700,000 BBL (broadband light) type sessions were performed in 2012, making it one of the most popular aesthetic procedures in the United States.

After your consultation you’ll have an idea of how long the treatment will take and what the cost would be. If after your consultation you decide to make an appointment for hair removal, you’ll be given instructions on how best to prepare for your session.

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